Diabetes Juicer Recipes: Easy & Quick Recipes (Green Juice & More)

Diabetes is a common disease in which the human body becomes unable to produce an optimum level of insulin resulting in high levels of blood glucose (blood sugar levels) and abnormal metabolism of sugar or carbohydrates.

There are different types of diabetes which include Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Each of these is caused by different factors such as genes, environmental factors, lifestyle, eating habits, family history, etc.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the immune system of your body attacks the cells which produce insulin. Why this happens is still unclear but most doctors believe it is due to genetic reasons.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by the inefficient use of insulin in your body resulting in high blood sugar. This type of diabetes mostly occurs in people who have a poor lifestyle which means they do not exercise much and have a poor diet. Patients of Type 2 diabetes are usually obese. Gestational diabetes only occurs in pregnant women and is caused by genes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.

While diabetes was only considered to be a disease of the elderly previously, it has become common in teens and middle-aged people nowadays. Type 1 diabetes is common amongst teenagers whereas Type 2 occurs in people aged above 40.

How do you know you have diabetes?

Diabetes has a lot of symptoms which you can easily notice. Once you notice the symptoms you should not ignore them and seek help from doctors as soon as possible. Common symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, kidney problems, excessive hunger, weight gain or weight loss, feeling tired all the time, mood swings, blurred vision, and nausea.

Diabetes may also result in skin infections and wounds may take longer than usual to heal and darkening of the skin from some areas of the body.

Once diagnosed diabetes must be treated seriously otherwise it can result in serious long term health issues. High blood sugar is detrimental for health as it leads to heart diseases in the long run.

Other complications that may arise include high blood pressure, kidney diseases, neuropathy and yeast infections. Diabetes is a very serious issue and one should adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting the disease.

How to Prevent Diabetes

  • Avoid eating food which has excess sugar such as chocolates, cakes, ice creams etc.
  • Avoid drinking packaged juices and fizzy drinks
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise daily
  • Keep a check on your weight
  • Eat fruits and vegetables for health benefits

These are some of the ways you can avoid getting diabetes but if you do then there are some things you can do at home other than taking medicines your doctor has prescribed for you. You can include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and you can replace fresh fruit juice with beverages and fizzy drinks.

Have one green apple every day to get the maximum health benefit. You can always use some DIY home-based juicer recipes for diabetics that can help reduce blood sugar level and thus reduce the possibility of heart disease in the future.

Here are some great diabetes juicer recipes

There are many juice recipes available online but the healthiest juice recipes include:

1) Spinach and Celery juice

To control your blood sugar levels you can consume spinach. Spinach has almost zero calories and is one of the best vegetables which can stabilize blood sugar. Celery can help manage weight and has oxidants which lower blood sugar levels. This green juice for diabetes is healthy and tasty!

Both these ingredients can be blended together to make fruit juice. This is one of the most common juicer recipes diabetics follow. You can also add carrot and apples if you want. Make sure you have peeled the apples and carrots.

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2) The bitter melons recipe

Bitter melons can also be used to lower blood glucose levels. You can mix melons with different fruits and vegetables to make fresh juices for diabetics. Bitter melon juice can be made in a variety of ways which include:

Only melons

You can use 2 bitter melons alone to extract the juice in order to lower glucose.

You can cut the melons into slices and then blend them in a blender. The taste may not be so good but you should treat it as a medicine and only focus on the health benefits it will give.

Bitter melons and cucumber

If you do not like the taste of the bitter melons then you can add one cucumber. You can also squish a lemon into your juice to make it taste better.

Add apples

You can add green apples into the above-mentioned recipe with bitter melons, cucumber, and lemon. Green apples have a lot of fiber which helps stabilize glucose levels.

3) Potato Juice

People often believe that diabetics should avoid potatoes. This is a huge misconception as potatoes are high in starch and the body takes very long to break starch than sugar. White potatoes should be avoided as they don’t contain enough fiber.

Sweet potatoes are the best type of potatoes diabetics can consume because they have a low glycemic index (GI) and high fiber content. For those of you who do not know what GI is, it is a ranking of carbohydrate levels in food and how they increase or decrease blood glucose levels. Diabetics should consume foods with a low GI since human bodies take longer to digest these causing a lower rise in blood sugar levels.

You can blend one sweet potato with a medium sized green apple to make a fresh fruit juices. You can also add one or two stalks of celery to increase the nutritional contents.

You can add ginger and cinnamon for a better taste.

4) Broccoli Juice

Broccoli is a great vegetable to treat Type 2 diabetes. Broccoli is rich in a chemical known as Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is tested and scientists have discovered that it lowers blood glucose in diabetic patients. Sulforaphane decreases the sensitivity of the cells that produce enzymes that increase glucose production.

You can take one head of broccoli and blend it with carrot and apples. You can vary the number of carrots and apples used according to your taste. Carrot is a sweetener so you can add as many according to your preferences.

5) Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium. Tomatoes are also low in carbohydrates and have an antioxidant which can help you protect yourself from heart disease.

The antioxidant is known as lycopene and is also helpful in avoiding cancer. You can consume tomatoes in various forms. You can eat it in salads, sandwiches and you can also use it as toppings for chicken, pasta, etc. You can also make tomato juice.

Take 4 tomatoes, make sure they are ripe. Cut them into pieces and remove all the seeds. Blend the tomato slices with lettuce. Lettuce has a low GI and thus is very helpful in keeping your blood sugar normal.

6) Bell pepper juice

Bell peppers especially red bell peppers are rich in lycopene which is an antioxidant that lowers the level of sugar you have in your bloodstream. Bell peppers have soluble fibers and vitamins A and C which are good for your heart.

You can make healthy and delicious diabetic juice by simply blending a few easily available ingredients. Blend spinach, red bell pepper, celery, and kiwis together to form a tasty juice.

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Juicing With Diabetes & Finding Good Recipes For Diabetics

Having great juicing recipes isn't enough. In fact, juicing recipes (if not the right ones), could negatively impact your diabetes.

Diabetes has become a very common issue and it is high time we start educating people about it. The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough.

Consuming a diet with balanced ingredients, avoiding processed foods and getting enough sleep are very important things we need to start doing. You all are aware of how work and studies consume most of our time and energy for the whole day. 

It is understandable that none of you might get enough time to exercise but just taking out 30 minutes daily for yourself to exercise is very important. Prevent diabetes if you are not a patient by following these simple steps but if you are a patient consume these healthy juices with your medicines and you will start to notice a significant improvement in your health.

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