French Press Vs. AeroPress

Manual coffee brewing is becoming more and more popular now that consumers want to have more control over their coffee. While traditional coffee machines are still common, the need for a higher quality cup-of-joe is becoming a new social norm.

The French Press is the most common way to brew coffee manually. It has been around in some form or fashion since the 1800s. Its finalized design didn't come around until around 1950 though.

Either way, nobody can argue that the French Press is a staple among manual coffee brewers.

If you're really into coffee, you've likely also heard of an Aeropress as well. It has a similar design, so much so that people often confuse them for the French Press.

We are here to settle, once and for all, the key similarities and difference between these two popular manual coffee brewers.

What Is A French Press?

The French Press is an absolutely glorious thing. Personally, this is my go-to coffee maker. It gives you more control over your brew, is incredibly inexpensive and can produce one or multiple cups of coffee depending on the size of the press.

In short, a French Press is a glass cylinder where you steep coffee and water. It comes with a "press" that consists of a mesh filter that is the same circumference of the cylinder and a long presser handle. Once the coffee and water has steeped for 3-4 minutes, you use the filter to press the coffee grounds down to the bottom of the device.

This separates the grounds and your coffee. This low tech (but honestly genius) method produces a smooth, consistent cup of coffee.

What Is an AeroPress?

Similar to a French Press, an AeroPress allows coffee to steep, after which it is pressed to make your cup of coffee.

An Aeropress is a piston-style brewer that is the more space-efficient and utilitarian version of the French Press. Similar to the French Press, with an Aeropress you add coffee and water into the device, wait for it to steep, then use a plunger to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee.

AeroPress coffee makers are generally more durable, smaller, and lighter, making them a good choice for things like camping or traveling. All you need to make a cup of coffee is heat, water, coffee, and the AeroPress.

AeroPress vs. French Press - Know The Difference

The key difference between the AeroPress and the French Press is that a French Press is self-contained and needs to be poured after brewing, whereas an AeroPress presses coffee directly into your cup.

Generally speaking, the AeroPress is better for finer ground coffee because the mesh filters are finer. When using ultra-fine ground coffee in a French Press, you may still get some grounds in your coffee.

The quality of the cup of coffee that is produced from these two brewers is very similar. Ultimately, which press is best for you comes down to personal preference.

The French Press is the tried and true method for brewing a cup of coffee manually. The AeroPress is newer, but not all that much different.

Now Its Your Turn!

Which type of coffee maker do you prefer?

 Let us know in the comments section below!

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