How Does a Keurig Work?

Keurigs are a household name. They are known for creating super-fast, super-easy cups of coffee at the touch of a button. However, this excessive simplicity can leave you wondering, "how does a Keurig work?"

Well, don't you worry. We are here to shed some light.

The K-Cup Magic

The basis of what makes Keurigs what they are is the K-Cup. These little cups are perfectly tuned to create the ideal cup of coffee with minimal fuss.

Design-wise, K-Cups are reasonably simple. They are small plastic cups with a durable plastic layer, a filter layer, and a moisture-proof foil layer to keep your coffee fresh until it's ready to be brewed.

K-Cups come in just about any flavor imaginable. But the K-Cups are just the beginning of digging into how a Keurig machine works.

The Machine Itself

Beyond the K-Cups, the brewers themselves are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure and heat to ensure they yield the perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

All Keurig machines have a water reservoir which allows for multiple cups of coffee to be made without doing anything other than changing the K-Cup.

Once you have the reservoir filled, the rest is an automatic process designed to produce high-quality coffee at the push of a button.

Step 1: Heating and Pressurizing

Once the brew size is selected the Keurig will then send water through pressurized hoses into a heating chamber where the water is brought to the proper temperature.

Step 2: Prepping the K-Cup

Once the water is heated, it is then transferred to the top of the machine via a hose. The K-Cup is pierced with a small pin. This allows hot water to flow into the K-Cup.

Step 3: Brewing

Once the K-Cup has been pierced on the top, it is also pieced at the bottom. This allows hot water to flow down through the K-Cup, brewing you an instant cup of coffee.

Step 4: Enjoy

Keurigs are very simple but undeniably genius devices. They make coffee by forcing hot water through pre-filled pods of coffee. The result is a consistent and efficiently made cup of coffee that can be enjoyed year-round. 

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