Instant Pot Vs. Pressure Cooker

Nowadays, convenience is a big factor in many of the choices we make when it comes to purchasing products for the home. When it comes to kitchen appliances, that notion is even more relevant. With the busy schedules, the average family has, the idea of putting all of your ingredients into a pot and coming back a few hours later to a fully cooked meal is incredibly appealing.

Instant Pot is a convenience-driven, modern style pressure cooker that has garnered a great reputation for quality and convenience. Here are a few quick things you should know about Instant Pot vs. a traditional pressure cooker.


Instant Pot


Varying Sizes

Model Variety

Fast Cooking Speed

Easy To Use

Hands-Off Cooking

Multiple Cooking Functions

Quiet Cooking


As you can see, Instant Pot and pressure cookers are a lot alike but do have some key differences. Most notably, traditional pressure cookers work more quickly but require you to monitor the heat of your stove to cook effectively.

With an Instant Pot, you are able to plug it in, adjust your settings, add your ingredients and walk away.

A Pressure Cooker and More

If you're on the fence, the Instant Pot is generally a better choice in almost all situations. Not only are they more convenient, but your Instant Pot can serve multiple purposes. Apart from being a pressure cooker, an Instant Pot is also a steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, stew/soup maker and more. A stovetop pressure cooker can't hold a candle to everything the Instant Pot can do.

It's All About The Convenience!

If you're in the market for a pressure cooker, you're not seeking out something that requires a hands-on approach to cooking; you're looking for the most convenient kitchen appliance.

With a traditional pressure cooker (stovetop), you're able to cook a lot of the same dishes, but you'll need to monitor the cooker and make sure its maintaining the correct temperature for the recipe. Not to mention, you need a stove! With an Instant Pot, all you need is a wall outlet. So, if your stove is broken or you live in a small apartment that doesn't have adequate cooking space, the Instant Pot is the obvious choice.

Why Does Anyone Buy Stovetop Pressure Cookers?

Great question! Honestly, decisions like this are up to personal preference. Some people like to take the more traditional route, or they may have experience with a stovetop pressure cooker already and be comfortable with that option.

There is also something to be said about minimizing the number of kitchen appliances you have to save space. Because pressure cookers don't need to be plugged in and therefore don't have any cables, they can often time take up less space in your cabinets.

Our Analysis: Go With The Instant Pot

Although stovetop pressure cookers can last for decades, when you're looking for this type of kitchen appliance, you're looking for convenience and stovetop pressure cookers simply don't provide that.

9/10 the Instant Pot is the best choice.

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